Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count

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Butterfly Adventures in Brisbane booklet

This booklet was produced as part of the inaugural Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count 2020/2021, an initiative of Brisbane Catchments Network in cooperation with its member groups.

Environmental education can never start early enough. If encouraged, children are inquisitive. They value the environment more when they understand how it works.

This booklet endeavours to offer information and some age appropriate activities for various learning stages. They range from fun filled role play for young children to transect investigations for the older, and offer indoor and outdoor engagement including hands on support of butterflies through planting.
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An exciting project for community engagement and citizen science.

Brisbane's Big Butterfly Count

Thanks to funding from a Brisbane City Council Environment Grant we bring your Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count!

  • For all ages and knowledge levels.
  • A BCN project run in cooperation with all catchment groups.
  • Connecting you to butterflies through talks, workshops and field training

Butterflies are an indicator species for environmental health as well as providers of joy to those who encounter them!

Popular Count – for EVERYONE!

For home gardeners, families, schools etc there is this easy survey with 31 common butterflies.

The brochure

Use the brochure for one location. If you want to do multiple locations, please use one brochure for each location.

You can get the brochure for the popular count at your closest catchment group. View it here (PDF).

Use BioCollect via the website or the app to add to BBBC!
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Have fun!

Butterfly Transects

For the scientist and others “in the know” there are transect walks for surveys in representative habitats along with catching, observation and ID.

If you have any questions, would like to support the project in some way, or hold a transect survey, please email the BBBC project lead Jutta Godwin at

How to look for butterflies

Recommended guides

  • Michael F. Braby, The Complete Field Gyide to Butterflies of
    Australia, revised edition, 2019, CSIRO Publishing. Very structured, with images of upper and underside of butterfly ; possibly the handier one of all books for field surveys.
  • Garry Sankowsky, A Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia. Their life histories and larval host plants, 2020, Reed New Holland Publishers. Very comprehensive.

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