Reducing Urban Nutrients and Pollution in Moreton Bay

BCN had its first workshop on Reducing Urban Nutrient Pollution in Moreton Bay held at the Griffith University EcoCentre, on 11 February 2016. This workshop brought together different communities of academics and stakeholders to discuss issues related to reducing urban nutrient pollution in Moreton Bay. The one-day forum had 35 attendees across research institutions, industry, government and community representatives. Another event was held in July 2016 and May 2017. Details >>

Brisbane River Corridor Restoration Project

Our vision for the Brisbane River is for it to be a clean and healthy River, the principle asset for the city of Brisbane, available for the wider Brisbane community to value and enjoy. Through our Brisbane River Corridor Restoration Program we are working to restore, maintain and enhance the Brisbane River for the benefit of the whole Brisbane community. Details >>

What’s your Nature?

What’s your nature? is an initiative to connect – both physically and mentally – the Brisbane community to their urban waterways and help increase understanding and appreciation for our natural environment. Details >>

Community Nursery Network

During May 2015 a group of energetic representatives of 12 community nurseries from across the SEQ region initiated a resolution to share knowledge, techniques and methods relevant to community nurseries. Details >>

Feral Animal Project

Brisbane Catchments Network developed its Feral Animal Strategy as part of its Community Biodiversity Strategy. This first version of the Feral Animal Strategy provides outlines of how catchment groups will approach invasive species. Details >>

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